No. 10: Good Governance Still Africa’s Achilles Heel

None of the three options are sustainabl­e for the continent and I align with your critiques. A consistent stance on governance is the best policy move for the internatio­nal community to take in engaging African countries. For example, the World Justice Project is working to bring a consistent definition to the rule of law around the world. The index applies the same metrics to Liberia as it does to the US. That is very powerful, and I believe that policy shapers leveraging uniform standards to shape their engagement with countries goes a long way in applying pressure for good governance­. On that foundation­, the internatio­nal community can say to a Gbagbo, “I just submitted myself to the same process you went through. I lost and we know that you did too. Step down.”
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No. 9: Presidential Stalemate in Cote d’Ivoire

Things are not looking good in Cote d’Ivoire. “We do not need the international community.” The desire for power is crippling.

No. 8: Wal-Mart Makes Moves on African Continent

Wal-Mart makes big offer for largest retailer on African continent. SA Labor unions not happy.