No. 205: Jumia a Fraud? | Black VCs Get That Princeton Bag | Uber Creator Secures $3.7B

Not All IPOs are Created Equal. Jumia is a Fraud. (Citron Research)

This tea is hot, but I’m not sure there’s enough honey in this report. Jumia has earned most of the side-eyes it gets but I don’t think this report hits the bar for a fraud claim.

Princeton Looks to Break Up the White Male Money Monopoly (Bloomberg)

This title gives Princeton too much credit. Nonetheless, I’m excited for 645 Ventures securing them as an institutional investor.

How Much Is an Idea Worth? In Uber’s Case, $3.7 Billion (Bloomberg)

This is a prime example of why the trope, “Keep your ideas to yourself. You don’t want folks to steal them,” is BS.

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