No. 209: The Rihanna Force | Brain Imaging AI | Space AI

Why Rihanna Broke Barriers That Others Couldn’t (Trapital)

I’m looking forward to seeing what becomes of this joining of forces with LVMH. Dan Runcie, as usual, does a real nice job breaking things down.

Brain imaging AI leader icometrix raises $18 million in new funding (icometrix)

This is a very interesting company. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s and I have two aunts with various levels of dementia. I look forward to a day when technology gives Alzheimer’s and dementia a run for their money.

Hypergiant uses satellites and AI to mine oil and gas data (VentureBeat)

Hypergiant presents an interesting use case for machine learning, layering it on top of satellite data to uncover insights for its clients. The oil and gas exploration support has me wondering what the applications could be for improving the security of pipelines in Nigeria and elsewhere.

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One thought on “No. 209: The Rihanna Force | Brain Imaging AI | Space AI”

  1. Thanks for sharing these. Dan Runcie’s analysis of Rihanna having leverage across various markets with inclusion being at the core of her brand and Fenty becoming a potential LVMH competitor is spot on. Trapital has additional good content that I look forward to checking out.


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