No. 175: What’s Your Oath?

I initially rolled my eyes at this question during the latest KindredCast episode with Oath CEO Tim Armstrong, but Armstrong and KindredCast host Aryeh Bourkoff both had really interesting answers to the question.

KindredCast is a podcast hosted by the CEO of Liontree, a boutique investment bank that does some of the biggest deals in the media, technology, and telecommunications space. I’ve learned a ton about the industry listening to the podcast. Perhaps Aryeh will help CultureBanx with an acquisition one day. 😉

Anyway, Armstrong’s oath is Never Give Up, and Bourkoff’s is Jump the Rope. You can hear their explanations at 2:53 in the episode.

What would you say your oath is? For the past several months, I’ve repeated two things to myself almost daily: “Kwame, you are enough. Bet on yourself.”

The oath part of that statement, “Bet on yourself,” has helped me a lot. Over the years, I had developed a bad practice of discounting myself. I’ve often looked at job descriptions and seen the phrase, “strong academic performance,” and cowered at the thought of my 2.25 GPA at Davidson.

The reminder to bet on myself has kept me from forgetting the value I’ve added over the course of my career, drawn me back from toeing the line of self-sabotage, and going for what I know. It’s a daily battle, but one for which I am grateful. Without it, I wouldn’t bring the vantage point and skillset I’ve developed to the table.

What’s your oath? Where does it come from?

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